Congratulating BaoKang Group Contrarian seekwin-win future supplier meeting held full garden
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To promote cooperation,expand cooperation in the field of business with suppliers,create excellent industrial chain at the same time,the recognition of 2015 outstanding supplier,the company in January 13 ,2015 annual supply has held BaoKang group.

The meeting,based on contrarian seek win-win future “the theme of the activities planned by the purchasing department,the administrative department of resistance organization,83 representative of the company leadership and 65 suppliers have a joyous gathering to share with you ,the prospect of BaoKang group obtained in 2015 to 2016 performance ,and to convey to the supplier ,the supplier management attitude of BaoKang group and policy of cooperation.

By  the first meeting of president Mr.Ying Jinghui introduced the general BaoKang group’s future planning ,performance and general manager Mr.Li Song in 2016 2015 with BaoKang group achieved the planning ,quality management ,technology ,sales manager respectively introduces the status and Prospect of 2016 supplier products for 2015,the purchasing manager and the purchaser introduced products the quality and delivery of the supplier management ,supplier in 2015.Through the transfer of these information ,the supplier representative fully understand the requirements of the supplier ,BaoKang group policy ,the confidence in the furture of our supplier to cooperate with me ,and laid a good foundation for the supply and demand sides of double  win mode.

Also held a grand award ceremony ,awarded the 2015 outstanding supplier award8.Excellent supplier responsible.person to speak to express my sincere gratitude to the BaoKang group ,and that further strengthen even more 
brilliant performance and BaoKang group deep BaoKang group in 2016

The meeting for the company to integrate supply chain resoureces ,clear direction of cooperation,to provide a fair ,open trensparent and efficient purchase environment played a very important role.