Laser Engraving
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No Mold charge,
no extra set up charge,
can start production for
even 1 sampl3.
Very quick lead time.
Any Color, any design can
be transferred to the object.

The laser engraving process is based on the numerical control technology. High precision and fast speed. It requires 304 stainless steel or higher quality to avoid rust on designs after short time usage.

it’s a non-contact process. This means that the laser beam isn’t physically touching the material that it is being applied to, instead relying on heat to achieve the desired results.

This is a big benefit over more traditional methods, as it’s removed the abrasion damage that was historically often being left on materials. Instead, only the portion that laser is targeting will be vaporized, and the surrounding area is left untouched.

Additionally, it reduces costs as there are no perishable parts to wear out and therefore no machine down time and associated productivity losses to deal with.